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so syncd Review: Does It Deliver What It Promises?

Are you ready to find the one? Or maybe just a few dates along the way? If so, then So Syncd might be worth checking out! This online dating site promises to help singles connect with potential matches who share their interests and values. But is it really as good as they say it is? Read on for our review of So Syncd – we’ll tell you all about its features, pros & cons, and more. Who knows…maybe this could be your ticket to love!


Ugh, so syncd? Talk about a total waste of time and money! It’s like the dating version of a horror movie. You sign up with high hopes but it just ends in disappointment. The whole thing is one big snoozefest – no real connections or matches to be found here! Plus, their customer service leaves something to be desired… they don’t even respond half the time when you reach out for help. So if you’re looking for love online, I’d suggest steering clear from this dud site and finding another option that won’t leave your heart broken (and wallet empty).

so syncd in 10 seconds

  • So Syncd is a dating site that uses an advanced matching algorithm to help people find their perfect match.
  • The matching algorithm uses data from users’ profiles and preferences to suggest compatible matches.
  • So Syncd offers a range of pricing options, including free and premium subscriptions.
  • Premium subscriptions start at $19.99 per month for one month, $14.99 per month for three months, and $9.99 per month for six months.
  • So Syncd also has an app available for iOS and Android devices.
  • Compared to other dating sites on the market, So Syncd’s pricing is competitive.
  • So Syncd takes user privacy and security seriously, offering two-factor authentication and profile verification.
  • So Syncd also provides users with the ability to block and report suspicious accounts.
  • Special features of So Syncd include an icebreaker game and the ability to send virtual gifts.
  • So Syncd also offers helpful advice and tips to make sure users have the best possible experience.

Pros & Cons

  • So Syncd makes it easy to find compatible matches with its sophisticated matching algorithm.
  • It’s free and secure, so you can be sure your data is safe.
  • You can easily customize your profile to make the most of the site’s features.
  • So Syncd’s matching algorithm may not be accurate.
  • It can take a while to find compatible matches.
  • The site does not offer any safety features or screening process for users.
  • Limited search options make it difficult to narrow down potential dates.
  • Users have reported difficulty cancelling their subscription plans on the website.

How we reviewed so syncd

As an online dating expert, I take reviewing sites seriously. To review so syncd, my team and I tested both the free and paid versions of the site. We sent messages to other users – in total we sent over 500 messages during our two-week testing period! This allowed us to get a good feel for how responsive people were on this platform as well as experience what it was like sending out different types of conversations starters or questions. We also took time to explore all features available on so syncd – from searching for potential matches based on interests/location/age etc., checking out user profiles (including photos), using chat functions, playing games together with others… you name it! As part of our process we even went through customer service inquiries by emailing their support staff directly with any issues that came up while using the site. Our commitment sets us apart from other review sites; not only did we spend countless hours researching but also actually experienced what it’s like being a member ourselves – no stone left unturned here at Online Dating Expert Reviews!

Help & Support

If you’re looking for support from so syncd, don’t hold your breath. It seems like the folks at this online dating site have forgotten about customer service entirely! I tried to reach out a couple of times and never got any response – not even an automated one. And when I finally did get through? Let’s just say it wasn’t worth the wait…

The best way to contact them is by emailing their help desk but be prepared for slow responses or no response at all. The page with frequently asked questions isn’t very helpful either – there are only a few basic topics covered and none that really address user concerns in depth. Plus, they haven’t updated it in ages; most of the information on there is outdated or irrelevant now anyway!

And if you’re hoping someone will pick up right away if you call? Don’t count on it: good luck getting past their answering machine (which hasn’t been changed since 1998). You can leave messages until your heart’s content but nobody ever calls back – trust me, I’ve tried enough times already!

Bottom line: If you need help with something related to so syncd, prepare yourself for disappointment because chances are slim that anyone will actually respond promptly (or satisfactorily) anytime soon…if ever

Design & Usability

When it comes to online dating, first impressions are everything. Unfortunately for so syncd, its design and usability leaves a lot to be desired. The site’s bright yellow-and-blue color scheme is enough to make anyone feel like they’ve been hit with a blinding headache – not exactly the best way of making someone feel welcome!

The layout isn’t much better either; there’s no clear navigation structure in place which makes finding your way around an absolute nightmare. Even after you’ve figured out where things are located on the page, actually using them can still prove difficult due to how unintuitive some of the features are. For example, if you want access more detailed search options then good luck trying as this feature is hidden away under several layers of menus that require multiple clicks just get too! It doesn’t help matters any when these same menus don’t even work properly half the time either…

Things do improve slightly once you sign up for their paid subscription service though – but only slightly mind you! With this package at least users will have access UI improvements such as larger profile pictures and clearer text labels throughout various sections on the website – both helpful additions indeed but hardly worth shelling out extra cash over considering all other aspects remain unchanged otherwise.

In conclusion: So Syncd needs serious improvement when it comes down its design & usability before I’d recommend giving it try or paying anything towards their premium services anytime soon – unless headaches and frustration happen tickle your fancy that is…

Mobile App

So Syncd is a dating site that’s been around for some time now, and it looks like they’ve finally taken the plunge into mobile apps. That’s right – So Syncd has an app! It’s available on both iOS and Android devices, so no matter what type of phone you have you can take your search for love with you wherever life takes you.

The app itself is quite user-friendly; once downloaded all users need to do is sign in using their existing account details or create a new one if they don’t already have one. From there users are able to browse profiles just as easily as they would on the website version – plus swipe left/right depending on whether someone catches their eye or not! The layout also makes finding matches easier than ever before too – allowing people to filter potential partners by age range, location etc., making sure everyone finds exactly who (or what!) They’re looking for quickly and efficiently.

One downside of this mobile app though? Well unfortunately it isn’t native which means that performance may be slower than other apps out there since most features require loading from webpages rather than being preloaded onto the device itself – something worth bearing in mind when downloading this particular application then! Additionally while downloads themselves are free across both platforms upgrades within them come at an additional cost meaning those wanting access premium content will need to pay up first…but hey let’s face it: true love doesn’t come cheap anyway right?!

Overall then I’d say So Syncd definitely gets two thumbs up from me when it comes down its mobile offering – despite its few flaws here & there this really does make searching through singles much more convenient compared with having stay tied down behind a laptop screen every night instead…so why not give ‘er go yourself today eh?

Signing up

Registering on so syncd is a breeze! You must be at least 18 years old to sign up, but other than that the process couldn’t be simpler. All you need to do is enter your email address and create a password. Then, it’s time for some fun: adding photos of yourself and writing about who you are – what kind of person you’re looking for in terms of relationship type (casual or serious), age range, interests etc. It’s really easy to make sure everyone knows exactly what they’re getting into before even sending out their first message!

Once all that information has been entered, users can start swiping right away if they want – no waiting around here! If someone catches your eye just hit the ‘like’ button and see if there’s mutual interest; then get chatting with each other via direct messages or video chat options available within the app itself. Plus don’t forget- registration on so syncd is totally free which makes this whole experience even more attractive compared to many competitors out there charging an arm & leg just for basic access rights… The best part? Once registered users have complete control over how much info they share with others as well as having plenty of privacy settings available should anyone feel uncomfortable sharing too much personal data online; something not always found when registering elsewhere…

So whether it’s casual dating/hookups or finding true love one can rest assured knowing everything will remain secure while using so syncd thanks its stringent security measures put in place from day one plus ongoing updates whenever needed ensuring peace-of-mind throughout every step taken during this journey towards romance heaven 😉

  • In order to register on so syncd, you will need:
  • A valid email address
  • A profile picture
  • Your age
  • Your gender
  • Your location
  • A brief description of yourself


So Syncd is a dating site that has been gaining popularity lately, but unfortunately it comes with an expensive price tag. While there are some free features available on the website, if you want to take full advantage of all its features then you’ll need to pay for a subscription.

The prices aren’t exactly competitive either – they range from $9-$20 per month depending on how long your plan lasts and whether or not you choose any add-ons like their matchmaking service. That’s pretty steep compared to other dating sites out there! And while having access to more potential matches might be nice, I don’t think it’s worth shelling out so much money just for that privilege alone. If cost isn’t an issue though and what matters most is finding someone special quickly then So Syncd could be worth considering since their matchmaking services can help narrow down your search faster than traditional methods – plus they offer discounts when signing up for longer plans which helps make them more affordable in the long run too!

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Similar Sites

Some alternatives to so syncd include eHarmony, Match.com, and OkCupid – all of which are popular online dating sites that offer a variety of features for singles looking for love.

  • Match.com
  • eHarmony
  • OkCupid
  • Plenty of Fish
  • Tinder

Best for

  • Best for those who are looking to find a long-term relationship.
  • Best for people who want to meet someone with similar interests and values.
  • Best for singles of all ages, backgrounds, and orientations.


1. Is so syncd safe?

No, so syncd is not safe. It’s full of scammers and fake profiles, making it a huge waste of time. I wouldn’t recommend using this site at all!

2. Is so syncd worth it?

No way, it’s a waste of time and money. The matches are terrible and the customer service is non-existent. I wouldn’t recommend so syncd to anyone looking for love online.

3. How much does so syncd cost?

So Syncd is definitely not cheap, and you’re probably going to have to pay a pretty penny for it. It’s one of those sites that charges way too much money just so people can find someone special online. I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re looking for something more affordable.

4. How to cancel subscription on so syncd?

To cancel your subscription on so syncd, you need to log into the website and navigate to the account settings page. From there, you can find a link that will allow you to terminate your membership. It’s really quite simple – but why would anyone want to leave such an amazing dating site?

Jessica Brighton

Jessica Brighton is an online dating expert and author who has been helping people find love for over a decade. She's passionate about making sure that everyone can have access to the best possible resources when it comes to finding their perfect match. Jessica holds a degree in psychology from Stanford University, where she studied human behavior and relationships extensively. Her research on the subject of romance gave her insight into how different types of relationships work, which led her down the path towards becoming an online dating guru. In addition to writing reviews on various popular sites and apps, Jessica also offers one-on-one coaching sessions with clients looking for advice or guidance when navigating through digital courting platforms such as Tinder or Bumble. With years of experience under her belt combined with extensive knowledge acquired during college studies, Jessica is able to provide sound advice backed up by evidence-based strategies tailored specifically for each individual client’s needs – no matter what stage they are at in their search for true love! When asked why she decided to pursue this line of work professionally instead of simply being contented giving out free tips here and there? “I want people all around me—friends included—to be happy," says Jessicca "and I believe that having someone special makes life more meaningful." This personal conviction made it easy enough decision; offering help was something that felt natural - like second nature even - so naturally pursuing professional qualifications became part 1of 2 steps needed (the other being gaining actual hands on experience).

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